Hello dear, how are you?💖 Today I will tell you what you can use instead of pads during your period. Let’s see if you like these methods, which are very popular in different countries.

Problems with the supply of sanitary napkins in some countries have led to different solutions to this problem. For example, Venezuelan broadcasters produced a publication that taught women how to make their “eco-friendly” sanitary napkins from a piece of cloth. Here are some little-known alternatives that can replace sanitary towels:

Menstrual cup

This is the most popular alternative to absorbent pads. A menstrual cup is a small silicone container that can be used for years to collect your menstrual flow. There are also such analogs of cups for night use, which show the degree of fullness. Sealing menstrual cups prevent leakage and are easy to remove.

Tampons or The Mooncup? We asked real women what they use - DOSE


The cup should remain in the body for a maximum of eight hours at a time. Each time the cup is removed, doctors recommend sterilizing it with sterilizing tablets or immersing it in boiling water for 3 minutes. Critics most often consider the lack of a menstrual cup, its reusability.

“Maybe that’s why very few women use it,” says Guillermo Galán, a physician at the Chilean Gynecological Association. Galan states that this product does not usually cause irritation or inflammation. The price of a menstrual cup ranges from $ 17 to $ 35.

Natural sea sponge

These are specially treated sea sponges that can be reused. They are thoroughly cleaned, disinfected and dried before being sold. They must be immersed in warm water before use. The sponge expands in water and takes the shape of a vagina. During menstruation, it is recommended remove the sponge and rinse it with water when necessary.

At the end of the menstrual cycle, the sponges should be left in water with two drops of olive oil overnight, then rinsed with water and dried before storing. The strongest and weakest aspect of sponges is their natural texture. In theory, sponges work very well because they absorb in the same way as tampons. However, since sponges are biological structures, the women who  use them in long term can have an allergic reaction .

Reusable sanitary napkins

These cotton towels were widely used by women prior to the introduction of sanitary napkins on the market. You can buy towels in a variety of colors and shapes, but you can also make them at home. Users say cotton towels are more comfortable than synthetic towels and do not irritate the skin.

Absorbent underwear

These products can be easily found online and should not be confused with adult diapers. They look like regular underwear, but they are absorbent and odor-repellent. Moreover, they are reusable and can be washed with other underwear.

But it also worth paying attention to the fact that this underwear must be made of cotton. Synthetic ones can cause of fungal diseases

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