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Pay attention to those whose sex life begins to cool down! Here are some tips to rekindle the fire in a relationship:


  • First, try to treat your current sexual problem as a common problem..
  • Change your approach to sexuality. Once the process begins, you must think that pleasure will come naturally, accept it and act accordingly.
  • Think about the pleasure you will get from sex when you find time during the day. If you have memories of intercourse that impressed you and are stuck in your memory in the past, or if you have a fantasy that really turned you on, think about it

  • Do a 5-minute motivation before engaging in sexual intercourse. Use your imagination and create sexual fantasies in your mind. Share your sexual fantasies with your partner.
  • Do exercises called Kegel exercises for the love muscles, in other words, the muscles that cover the vaginal area. Squeeze and slowly relax your muscles.


  • During sex, you should focus only on the pleasure of touching and making love, the pleasure that you will receive. Never think about your unfulfilled expectations from your partner or how he will drive you crazy without without satisfying you.
  • Keep a diary of your sexual desires. Record scenes from sexually stimulating TV shows or movies. Read books of romantic / erotic content and create your own erotic fantasies.
  • Do breathing and relaxation exercises from time to time.
  • Periodically abstain from sexual intercourse.

  • Create a new candy-bouquets period in your relationship. Look for techniques that improve tactile behaviors that you enjoy more or get closer to. Behaviors such as hugging, gesturing, kissing, holding hands, kneeling while watching TV, and walking arm in arm can be examples of for this tactile behavior.
  • Talk to your partner about your sexual perspective and characteristics of sexual behavior and try to correct your mistakes and mistakes of your partner  in bed.

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