Hello sweeties! Our todays topic is relationships. If you, like all women, say: “Men do not understand us,” you should definitely read our article! 😊

Women’s views about relationship are fundamentally different from men’s. Our desires, which at some times seem very complex, and are not always understood correctly by men. In fact, when women’s desires are understood correctly, everyone see how simple they are.

From the point of view of men, women are portrayed as people who do not know what they want. However, the characteristics women seek in men are actually made up of very simple factors.



Characters that women look for in men

Women want trust: in a relationship, trust is the most important thing for a woman. A woman can neither open her feelings nor her heart to a man whom she cannot trust. In situations such as lying or cheating in a relationship, women can end the relationship immediately. After all, if a woman’s trust is lost, it is almost impossible to regain it.

Women seek understanding: Women constantly admit that men tend to be inattentive. Even if a man is right, he should always be able to show understanding. Due to differences in female hormones and biological composition, in some cases, additional understanding from the male side may be very needed.



Women want romantic gestures: Every woman more or less wants romance in a relationship. In fact, for some women,romantic gestures may be at the top of the list of things a man is looking for. While some women want to spend every minute full of romance, some people just want to be congratulated on an anniversary, birthday, and so on. Often this does not require overly expensive or luxurious gifts. It is enough to remember special days and use a few sentences to make a woman happier.

Women want humor: One of the most important characteristics a man should have is a good sense of humor. Of course, not all men can be as funny and witty as comedians. A humorous and cheerful men also should have a limit. Crossing the line and joking every minute is one of those situations that women don’t like. Men should pay attention jokes in terms of thier appropriateness and suitableness



Women want love and respect: among the qualities that women seek in men, love and respect always come first. Love, respect and kindness are the three columns on which  relationships stand . Unfortunately, where respect ends, love does not last long. If one of these columns falls, relationship ends.

Women want material support in relationships: Of course, this is a relative issue and does not apply to all women. However, more or less, financial expectations,  are present in all of us. Women need men with whom they can live their entire lives without financial problems. Although, it is not necessary for a woman to have a billionaire man. It is enough  for women if  a men has a good job, and a good salary.

Women want a good father for their future children: women take almost any relationship seriously. They want the men whom they think seriously to be truly ideal father in the future. Women analyze how men think about children, how they look after children, and their answers to these questions can predetermine a woman’s path to marriage.

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